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Introduce 3D printing to your students the smart and healthy way. With hassle free low cost paper your students have access to professional 3D printing environment.

Educating students of any age and in any discipline, you know you can use 3D printing as a core part of your curriculum to excite your students, enrich their learning and encourage their advancement.

Yet, you have a dizzying array of 3D printers and technologies from which to choose. It’s tempting to immediately gravitate to the 3D printers you hear a lot about in the media. And the low initial purchase prices of plastic-based hobby-grade 3D printers certainly make them interesting.

However, as an educator, you aim to make professional quality 3D printing technology fully accessible to your
students, easy to use and maintain, and safe and affordable for the school and your students on an ongoing basis.

Consider the six reasons why Mcor 3D printers are a better choice than hobby-class plastic-based 3D printers for use in educational institutions.

  1. Mcor 3D printers have a lower operating cost.
  2. Mcor 3D printers are safer and more eco-friendly.
  3. Mcor 3D printers are easier to use and maintain
  4. Mcor 3D Printers are professional-class
  5. Mcor 3D printers print in True, accurate, realistic colour
  6. Mcor 3D printers are ideal for every department

Download the full white paper for 6 REASONS MCOR 3D PRINTING IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR SCHOOLS here (PDF)