3D Software & e-commerce

We have developed an extensive and modular (e-commerce) software platform for 3D-printing services, offering a full set of API’s for third party front-end applications.

MyEasy3D is solely focused on providing 3D-business concepts and solutions to a wide variety of B2B and B2C customers. At the core of the MyEasy3D value proposition is its advanced 3D-print service and e-commerce infrastructure. The business concept of MyEasy3D is based on maximising the possible revenue streams in an online 3D-print service environment.

While MyEasy3D is a modular and extensive platform that can serve a full range of needs, the following features represent the core of the product.

The Myeasy3D software provides an e-commerce platform for 3D-printing services, offering a full set of API’s for third party front-end applications and contains the following features

  • Controlled and automated upload feature of 3D-objects in STL, WRL and OBJ
  • Advanced checking of uploaded 3D-object files
  • Advanced e-commerce tools for front-end and back-end (printing) administration
  • Full customizable administration functionality (automated debit/credit invoicing if requested)
  • Customizable production print and material pricing – Scalable printing architecture (device independent)
  • Advanced print production facility features enabling a mix of local, distributed, centralized printing including production administration
  • Automated customisable customer store creation enabling designers to sell their 3D-objects
  • Vendor administration and customizable vendor margin % and subscription handling
  • Wide choice in 3D-printing materials including unique 3D paper printing
  • Digital Rights Management

The platform contains modular features

  • Upload of 3D-objects including automated file checking module for standard formats (STL, OBJ, WRL)
  • Create store (shop) module
  • Customizable Pricing module for print materials
  • Subscription module (subscription based shops)
  • Front end administration module
  • Back-end administration printing module
  • Pricing module on material and printer level
  • Customizable Print Production control module
  • Print facility connectivity module to connect third party print service providers
  • Intellectual Property Management module
  • Watch the below short demonstration video about what our software can do for your customers. This video includes the use of our special printer profile developed for Adobe Photoshop CC that can be downloaded for free at Adobe’s photoshop.com.