3D Scanning & Figurines

We offer a variety of (mobile) 3D scanning possibilities from object scanning and digitising to full body scans suitable for printing your own figurines.

For 3D scanning, creating a 3D selfie we use a mobile and more affordable approach. All it takes is a mobile scanning device on an IPAD, LED lights and effective “figurine” software to create a 3D selfie. Printing your 3D selfie with the MCOR 3D paper printer and you have a 3D print which is environmental friendly, realistic coloured and 50% lower in terms of costs compared to other 3D print materials.

For fun and events we also have a mobile scan station that enables you to create your own funny “avatar” (see events). These scan stations can be used to add something exciting to your company event.

If you would like to scan objects and not persons we have various solutions available.