About us

MyEasy3D believes 3D-printing is the innovation of the future, for production, consumer and business. We also believe that every innovation needs a great infrastructure to provide and to grow. With a strong, adaptable and modular platform we provide such a turn-key infrastructure, that encompasses the needs of the entire process. From designer to consumer.


Our Heritage

Originally initiated by Staples, MyEasy3D since began it’s own journey providing solutions for 3D-printing businesses. With our modular platform we provide adaptive extendable software to Businesses and Consumers world wide.

MyEasy3D is now run by a dedicated team from The Netherlands. Initialy designed for Staples we deliver turn-key infrastructure solutions for online 3D print services to various companies.



Oscar Pakasi

Sales and Marketing

Oscar Pakasi, initiator and creative mind behind Staples Myeasy3D print service now takes the Myeasy3D brand and Infrastructure further into the 3D market space.

  • Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Bartel Scheers

Chief Operating Officer

As COO of myeasy3d Bartel is responsible for the day-to-day technological challenges with myeasy3d. As an consultant he was involved with myeasy3d from the very start and worked closely with external teams to develop myeasy3d’s unique 3d printing services software platform. He spent most of his career in startups, and combines technical expertise with an inspiring vision of what the world could be. As a guest speaker he likes to share ideas about innovative technology and digital ethics.

  • Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands